The Whistle Mafia – Unfortunately I missed it, I was too busy refereeing the match

Match fixing occurs in organised sporting events to completely or partially pre-determine the result of a game, which is a clear violation of the rules (and often the law). Recently being in the eyes of the media, including a documentary on match fixing within football, this disgraced act of avarice is becoming more of a problem in today’s sporting (and when I say sporting, I mean gambling) environment $$$$$$$.

The two main headlines at the moment which will be highlighted include Lou Vincent’s lifetime ban from cricket after admitting he breached anti-corruption rules and regulations and Cameroons match-fixing allegations during this year’s World Cup group match against Croatia in order to accentuate the issue

Not digging in too deep to what actually happened, the 35-year-old New Zealand cricketer did admit to his match fixing when playing for Sussex in 2011. His confession to the public through a personal video statement released to the press last week began with: “My name is Lou Vincent and I am a cheat”. This conduct warranted a lifetime ban and emphasised the resolve to keep cricket a clean game by batting out the undermining individuals who seek to destroy sporting integrity. – He also should be banned for that shocking haircut!

In regards to the recent Cameroon match-fixing epidemic descending into vast amounts of discussions and confusion, reports suggest the national side rigged their 4-0 loss in the group stages (with a red card in the first half) – What are the odds of that! Through the medium of a previous match-fixing convicted Whistle-Blower, this individual has said to have posted what would happen in this game on a social networking website which instigated these accusations.

It is far to state that match-fixing is ruining the game, but by all means it is affecting it. Players taking financial bribes, like they don’t already have the best jobs in the world? In my opinion I do not believe Alex Song (the player sent off for Cameroon) would have accepted such arbitrage through the career he has had and wages he gets player, so I am sceptical about that however, after watching this match-fixing scandal documentary on TV last week, they proved how much and how easy match-fixing occurs across the world, and who is to blame? I believe it is the betting industry.

Furthermore, there has been no evidence to this circumstance as of yet, so there is nothing that can be done, however in regards to Lou Vincent’s recent drive to match-fixing by greed and alligator blood – this issue should be bashed before the bookies holdout and more sporting individuals are caught by the whistle mafia.

Signing out.