Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, Luis!

Luis Suarez banned for 9 international games and 4 months of professional football.

 Luis Suarez has been bitten by FIFA following his latest ban, preventing him from playing professional football for 4 months which includes 9 international games and the rest of this year’s World Cup. Having scored two goals against England last week, ensuring England were carried home via British Airways, Suarez helped carry his nation through to the last-16 of the tournament on Chewsday, however this was not without controversy. Following his previous reputation on the field, Liverpool’s talisman appeared to bite Italian stallion Georgio Chiellini without any on field precautions. It’s definitely safe to say Suarez was hungry for the win.

 Such controversy has sparked global media frenzies as this is the third time Luis has bitten someone in his career. Additionally, Suarez has been in the eyes of millions due to on field racism allegations in the past. The question remains, how did a player who overcame so much stick and was named footballer of the year last season sink his teeth back into the talking point of shame?

 Suarez is set to appeal against his 4 month sanction; however, what does he expect to gain out of it? Incidents like this should not be opposed to trial as the Premier League star is idolised by millions of fans who dislike this type of behaviour on the field. This will definitely affect his endorsed sponsors which are set to be terminated due to the potential of conflicted reputation.

 It has been announced that the Poker Brand 888 has cancelled its sponsorship deal with Suarez. Luis was one of their brand ambassadors; however, in this day and age the Uruguayans wounding controversy will overpower his achievements. In the business world, you cannot put a price on reputation so 888’s immediate decision is definitely the correct verdict.

 On the other hand, Adidas have announced their set to stick with Suarez in the long term however, they will be removing him from the all of their World Cup campaigns. In regards to this and Suarez’ ban, Luis will not even be taking part in the rest of this tournament, which may pay off to be a great tactic, following his previous chomping return to football last season post ban, in which he succeeded tremendously.

 Sponsorship deals and brand ambassadors have to exude the same values as the company they are representing. Ultimately from a fans perspective, I’m sure Liverpool fans will be extremely happy for his return and will gladly ‘forgive and forget’ Suarez’s wrongdoings as they have previously done before however, from a business perspective, endorsing such controversial actions on the field must be prioritised rather than those off the field as unfortunately, the people who buy products from Adidas and gamble using 888 poker are the individuals who may well spectate football, and possibly won’t want to be associated with those who endorse merciless sportsman.

Overall, it seems everyone is giving Suarez the cold shoulder, especially Chiellini, however you do have to admire Suarez’s appetite for the game



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